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Created by Australian primary teachers and maths leaders


“Top Ten Maths has provided staff with an understanding of how to sequence the teaching of mathematical concepts, as well as providing tasks to teach students the given concept - a fantastic resource.”

—  Mr Paul Hilton, Assistant Principal, Dandenong North Primary School


Recognised as the highest performing primary school in Victoria in
2022 NAPLAN student gain results.

Teams at this campus were intensively trained by Top Ten numeracy coaches at a whole-school and team-level over four intensive days throughout 2020 and 2021.


PowerPoint summary of member feedback: 

Research-Basis of the Approach

Our unit plans have been developed for over ten years in Australian classrooms. While the units are based on Singapore's concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to mathematics, as well as the Japanese lesson study model of continual refinement, there are key Australian-based texts and experts that critically informed the underlying pedagogy of the units and what constitutes evidence-based best-practice. 

The critical research that has and continues to influence the pedagogy that underpins the unit plans includes:  
  • Our research project and ongoing collaboration with our partner school in Singapore (Westwood Primary School). 
  • The Big Ideas of Mathematics, particularly the work of Dianne Siemon including, but not limited to, Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years (2011). 
  • Mindset Mathematics series by the founder of YouCubed, Jo Boaler.  
  • Making Number Talks Matter (2015) by Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker. 
  • In-classroom modelling sessions delivered by Michael Ymer, who trained many of our current coaches in their roles as former numeracy leaders of their own schools.
  • Engaging Maths by Doug Clarke and Anne Roche. 
  • A vision for mathematical expertise and excellence (2020) by Dr Christine Mae, numeracy consultant for Catholic Education across NSW, particularly with the focus on rich, cognitively challenging tasks, as well as the fishbowl and gallery walk lesson structures. 
  • Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics (2020) by Peter Liljedahl. 
  • The work of the Erickson Institute Early Math Collaborative in Chicago. 
  • NZ Mathematics by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, including the Ambitious Mathematics series, which showcases classroom examples of a contextually-relevant hook or launch story to maximise student engagement and the mathematical meaningfulness of every session. 
  • First Steps Mathematics by the Western Australian Department of Education, developed with the goal of all teachers having access to high-quality, contextually-relevant, supportive planning tools. 

NAPLAN Student Gain Results for 2022

Dandenong North PS 

Dandenong North PS was recently showcased for having one of the highest student gains in Australia in 2022 NAPLAN data and the highest in Victoria. Teams at this campus were trained by Top Ten numeracy coaches over four intensive full-day workshops throughout 2020 and 2021:

Dandenong North's review of Top Ten Mathematics: “Top Ten Maths has provided staff with an understanding of how to sequence the teaching of mathematical concepts, as well as providing tasks to teach students the given concept - a fantastic resource.”
Mr Paul Hilton, Assistant Principal, Dandenong North PS (2020) 

6 out of the 12 government primary schools recognised in
The Age for achieving exceptional student gain results in numeracy in 2022 NAPLAN are Top Ten Mathematics member schools
using our unit plans, numeracy library packs
or classroom mathematics toolboxes.

Chirnside Park PS

Identified in April 2023 by the Department of Education as a standout school in terms of students achieving in the Top 2 Bands of Year 3 NAPLAN for 2022 - highlighted for achieving 'above area' and 'above region.' The Senior Education Improvement Leader of the Department requested the school present to the region and executive on their approach to numeracy. The Principal, Mr Graham Elliott, identified Top Ten Mathematics as the driver of these results.

Teams at Chirnside Park PS
have participated in all full-day PL workshops throughout 2021, and also in intensive planning sessions throughout 2022 and 2023 thus far, where one of our numeracy coaches assists teams to analyse diagnostic data based on students' points-of-need, then plan for the upcoming unit. Their early years teams have been using our unit plans intensively to inform weekly planning since 2019
Thomastown East PS 

The maths leaders at Thomastown East PS were invited by the principal to search for Australia's best mathematics program, then implement it to full effect. After an extensive and intense search, both maths leaders recommended Top Ten Mathematics.

Since implementing the approach throughout 2017 and 2018 with whole-school PL, planning workshops with teams and classroom modelling sessions delivered by Top Ten numeracy coaches, Thomastown East PS has experienced state-leading results and student gains. Best of all, teams now have a consistent, whole-school approach to numeracy that has resulted in long-term shifts in students' and teachers' perceptions of mathematics, including being able to support new graduate teachers with a tried-and-tested approach across all levels. 

Ms Rebecca Szeremeta, Numeracy Learning Specialist, Thomastown East PS (2018): “Students at our school are experiencing success with Maths every day. This program has revolutionised the way in which our students feel about Maths. It has led to astoundingly improved student engagement and comprehensive progress in student outcomes. The pre and post testing component is invaluable, in that it continually directs teaching towards targeting specific goals that are achievable for each student. All lessons utilise peer teaching and practice, and zero in on the language of Maths which is crucial for students to attain a real, deep and rich understanding of the concepts being taught.” 

Lyndale Greens PS 

Lyndale Greens PS implemented Top Ten Mathematics as a whole-school approach throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018, with full-day professional learning workshops as curriculum days, intensive planning workshops with teams each term, focused on transforming diagnostic data into point-of-need work programs, and a numeracy coach from Top Ten modelling in classrooms on a weekly basis.

Following this work, in 2018, Lyndale Greens achieved one of the highest student gain results ever recorded in Australian NAPLAN history, in terms of the proportion of students in the low, medium and high growth categories within their matched cohort.

Please see the 2018 results for the matched cohort (2016 to 2018) in this PDF.

Kinglake PS

Kinglake teams implemented a consistent, whole-school approach through intensive full-day professional learning workshops and planning sessions delivered by Top Ten numeracy coaches from 2017 to 2019. Their principal and maths leader credited Top Ten Mathematics for their exceptional results and student gains, noting the power of the hands-on, engaging approach.

The maths leader of Kinglake also commenced a 'Mini Mathematicians Playgroup,' based on the Top Ten Mathematics Program. For Kinglake PS, Top Ten Mathematics became a point-of-difference for enrolling families and in the region. 

Mill Park PS 

Mill Park PS implemented Top Ten as a whole-school approach throughout 2017 and 2018. With full-day PL workshops, intensive planning workshops and classroom modelling, leaders commented particularly on the speed of the change in students' perceptions of mathematics, particularly in the upper years where students had previously experienced maths anxiety. Their Assistant Principal at the time (now Principal), Carol Vidmar, noted the significant improvement in student engagement and teacher confidence levels within the first two terms of whole-school implementation.

Mill Park PS newsletter from a term during which one of our numeracy coaches delivered intensive classroom modelling sessions for each team.

Mr Steven Edwards, Numeracy Leading Teacher, Mill Park PS (2017): “We were looking for something to make our maths teaching more engaging and real for our students, and we found something really great in Top Ten. The activities are fun and interesting for the students, but also explicitly target needed skills. I’ve especially loved watching students at all levels building a deep conceptual understanding of key maths ideas, which they can easily transfer to subsequent tasks. Best of all, the students are excited when they see maths on the timetable!” 


Schools using our Packs

Over 1000 primary schools use our hands-on maths planning packs and numeracy libraries, and still counting...

Singapore Partner School

Westwood Primary School 

Intensive PL schools  

Dandenong North PS
(2020, 2021 and 2022)


Chirnside Park PS 

(2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023) 

Ormond PS 



Murrayville Community College 
(2022 and 2023) 


Mernda Park PS 

(2022 and 2023) 


Warringa Park School 
(2022 and 2023) 


Glenallen School


Thomastown East PS
(2017 and 2018) 

Lyndale Greens PS 

(2017 and 2018) 

Mill Park PS 

(2017 and 2018) 

Kinglake PS 

(2017, 2018 and 2019)

Member schools in Victoria 

​Abbotsford PS


Albion PS 

Alfredton PS

Araluen PS 

Ashburton PS

Balnarring PS 

Bayswater PS 

Bellbrae PS 

Belvedere Park PS

Belle Vue Park PS

Bendigo Violet St PS 

Benton Junior College

Birmingham PS 

​Birregurra PS

Black Rock PS 

Blackburn PS  

Boort District School

Bright P-12 College 

Bruthen PS

Burwood Heights PS 

Camberwell South PS 

Cardoss PS

Carlton Gardens PS 

Casey Fields PS

Ceres PS 

Coburg West PS

Chalcot Lodge PS

Chandler Park PS

Chirnside Park PS 

Clyde Grammar School 

Coral Park PS

Crib Point PS

Dandenong North PS (PL school)


Dartmoor PS

Davis Creek PS


Debney Meadows PS


Dederang PS  

Donburn PS 

Doncaster PS 

Dorset PS 

Dromana PS (PL school)

Eltham North PS 

Footscray PS

Glen Waverley South PS 

Glengala PS 

Gowrie Street PS 

Great Ryrie PS 

Hawkesdale P12 College

Hawthorn West PS 

Heathmont East PS 

Hillcrest Christian College

Holly Cross PS, New Gisborne 

Horsham PS 

Huntingdale PS 

Inverleigh PS 

Inverloch PS 

Irymple South PS 

James Cook PS (PL school)

Jamieson PS 

Kalinda PS 

Kananook PS (PL school)

Katunga PS 

Kialla Central PS

Kialla West PS 

Kismet Park PS 

Knox Gardens PS 

Koondrook PS (PL school)

Kyabram P-12 College

Labertouche PS 

Lang Lang PS 

Langley PS 

Langwarrin Park PS 

Lavers Hill K-12 College

Leitchville PS 

Lorne P-12 College 

Lower Plenty PS 

Lyndale Greens PS

Manangatang P-12 College

Manorvale PS 

Maramba PS 

Melbourne Grammar School

Melton Specialist School 

Mentone Park PS 

​​Merino Consolidated School

Mernda Park PS (PL school)

Mill Park PS

​Mill Park Heights PS​ 

Morwell Park PS

Mount Dandenong PS 

Mount Evelyn PS 

Mount Martha PS 

Murrabit Group School 

Navarre PS 

Newmerella PS


Nicholson PS  

Oakleigh PS  

Ocean Grove PS

Omeo PS

Orchard Park PS 

Orrvale PS 

Our Lady Help of Christians PS Warrnambool (PL School) 

Our Lady's Primary Craigieburn

Pakenham Hills PS

Parktone PS 

Pascoe Vale North PS 

Penshurst PS

Pleasant Street PS 

Quarry Hill PS 

Rosamond PS 

Rosebud PS 

Sale and District Specialist School

Sherbourne PS

Simpson PS 

Somerville PS 

South Melbourne Park PS 

St Catherine's School, Toorak 

St Christopher's PS, Airport West 

St Fidelis Primary School, Coburg 

St Francis Xavier PS, Frankston

St Mary's Mt Evelyn PS 

St Robert's Newtown PS 

St Thomas More School Alfredton

Strathfieldsaye PS 

Swan Hill PS​

Swan Hill Specialist School 

Tallarook PS

Templestowe Valley PS

The Basin PS

Thomastown PS 

Thomastown East PS (PL school)

Thomastown West PS 

Tooborac PS (PL school)

Toolern Vale and District PS

Underbool PS (PL school) 

Wallan PS

Wandiligong PS

Warrnambool PS (PL school)

Waverley Meadows PS (PL school)


Wendouree PS


Western English Language School 

White Hills PS

Wodonga West PS

Woodleigh School - Penbank Campus

Yarrambat PS

Yuille Park P-8 Community College (PL school)

Member schools in Tasmania 

Bicheno Primary School (All Packs) 

Exeter PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Riverside PS (Numeracy Library Pack)

St Mary's District School (All Packs)

Special education schools


Andale School (Early Years Pack and Toolbox) 

Anson Street School (Early Years and Years 3-6 Packs) 

Ballarat Specialist School (Early Years Pack, Years 3-6 Pack, Numeracy Library and Classroom Toolboxes) 


Bass Coast Specialist School

Berendale School (PL school, Early Years Pack, Years 3-6 Pack, Numeracy Library Pack and Classroom Toolboxes)

Broadmeadows Special Development School (Numeracy Library Pack)


Bullimbal School (Early Years Pack and Numeracy Library) 

Concord School (All Packs)

Croxton Special School (Early Years Pack) 

Darling Point Special School 

East Gippsland Specialist School (Early Years Pack) 

Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School (Early Years and Numeracy Library Pack) 

Emerson School (Early Years Pack)

Geebung Special School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Glenallen School (Early Years and Numeracy Library Pack) 

Hampden Specialist School (Early Years Pack, 3-6 Pack, Numeracy Library and Toolboxes) 


Kuraby Special School 

​Innisfail State College - Diverse Learning Community (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Manjimup Education Support Centre

​​Melton Specialist School 

Mildura Specialist School 

Nelson Park School​

North East Metropolitan Districts Language Development Centre, Perth (Early Years Pack) 

Officer Specialist School (PL school, Early Years Pack, Years 3-6 Pack and Numeracy Library Pack)

Sale and District Specialist School

South Gippsland Specialist School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Swan Hill Specialist School

West Coast Language Development Centre (Early Years Pack) 

Western English Language School (All Packs) 

Member schools in New South Wales

Albury West Public School


Ardlethan Central School 

Attunga Public School 

Avalon Public School

Bald Blair Public School 

Ballina Public School (PL school)

Bangalow Public School

Bankstown North Public School

Bellbrook Public School 

Berrima Public School

Bert Oldfield Public School 

Bobin Public School

Boggabri Public School

Bomaderry Public School

Bonnyrigg Public School

Bowraville Central School

Bredbo Public School 

Burrabadine Christine Community School 

Cassilis Public School

Central West Leadership Academy 

Clare Public School 

Claremont Meadows Public School 

Cherrybrook Public School 

Condong Public School 

Cooma North Public School 

Corindi Public School 

Croppa Creek Public School 

Crystal Creek Public School 

Dalton Public School

Darlington Point Public School (Numeracy Library Pack and Maths Toolboxes) 

Doonside Public School

​Dundurrabin Public School​ 

Dungay Public School 

Edward Public School 

Eungai Public School 

Fernleigh Public School 

Gilgandra Public School 

​​​​Girraween Public School 

Glenbrook Public School

Glendenning Public School

Goodooga Central School 

Goolma Public School

Goulburn Public School

Goulburn North Public School 

Grahamstown Public School 

Gresford Public School 

Griffith East Public School 

Guildford West Public School

Gulgong Public School 

Gunnedah South Public School

Hargraves Public School


Hay Public School

Henty Public School 

Hernani Public School 

Hurstville Public School

​Jerrabomberra Public School

Kellyville Ridge Public School

Kingsgrove Public School

Lake Illawarra South Public School 

Lewisham Public School 

Lockhart Central School 

Londonderry Public School 

Maclean Public School 

Madang Avenue Public School 

Main Arm Upper Public School  

Mayfield West Demonstration School

Mayrung Public School 

Meadow Flat Public School

Menindee Central School

Middle Harbour Public School

Millfield Public School


Mount Austin Public School 

Narranga Public School

Niangala Public School 

Nimbin Central School 

Nimmitabel Public School 

Norfolk Island Central School


O'Connell Public School 

​Peak Hill Central School

Pendle Hill Public School 

Plunkett St Public School 

Rutherford Public School 

Shoalhaven Heads Public School 

Sofala Public School 

St Joseph's PS Merewether 

St Joseph's PS Molong

Stokers Siding Public School

Tamworth South Public School (PL school)

Telegraph Point Public School


Teven-Tintenbar Public School

The Hills Grammar School

The Rock Central School 

Tooraweenah Public School 

Tweed Heads South Public School

Ungarie Central School 

Upper Sandy Creek Public School

Urana Public School 

Urunga Public School 

Walcha Central School

Whalan Public School

Willmot Public School

Wiseman's Ferry Public School 

Yetman Public School 

Yoogali Public School

Member schools in Queensland

Abercorn State School 

Baralaba State School 

Bullimbal School 

Calvary Christian College 

Deebing Heights State School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

​Dimbulah State School

​Eimeo Road State School

​​Fitzgerald State School

Flagstone State School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

​Greenbank State School​ (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Greenmount State School 

Gympie South State School

Hebel State School 

Herberton State School

​​​Irvinebank State School


Karara State School

Mango Hill State School 

Palmwoods State School 

Parke State School 

​Innisfail State College - Diverse Learning Community (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Nambour Special School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Rockhampton North State School 

Russell Island State School

St Joseph's PS Blackall 

​​St Joseph's PS Mount Isa

St Joseph's PS Park Avenue, North Rockhampton

St Patrick's PS Gympie (Numeracy Library Pack) 

The Summit State School 

Victoria Park State School

Walkerston State School

Whitsunday Christian College

Yarrilee State School

Yelarbon State School

Member schools in South Australia 

Aldinga Beach B-7 


Athelstone School

Braeview PS


Cambrai PS 

Clapham PS 

Eddystone PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Elizabeth Park PS

Goolwa PS 

Hackham West R-7 School 

Hallett Cove East PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Hallett Cove School 

Hawthorndene Primary School

Kangaroo Island Community Education

Karcultaby Area School

Lonsdale Heights School

Mil Lel PS


Millicent North PS

Mitcham PS

North Adelaide PS 

Nuriootpa PS 

Pembroke School 

Playford PS

Reidy Park PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Robertstown PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Salisbury Downs PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Seacliffe PS

St James School, Jamestown 

St Peter's Girls' School, Adelaide

Stansbury PS (Numeracy Library Pack) 

The Pines School 

Whyalla Town PS

Yahl PS (Numeracy Library Pack)

Yankalilla Area School


Schools that use our Numeracy Library Packs (continued from third column)


​St Albans North PS

St Joseph's PS Collingwood 

St Kilda Park PS

St Peter's Girls' School

Stansbury PS 

Sunbury PS 

Swanbourne PS 

Tarwin Valley PS

The Hills Grammar School

The Lake PS 

Thomas Chirnside PS, Werribee

Timbarra P-9 College, Beriwck 

Toorak PS 

Tootgarook PS 

Truganina P-9 College 

Villawood North PS 

Wallan PS

Wandong PS

Warrnambool PS​​

West Busselton PS​

Westgarth PS

Whittington PS

William Ruthven PS

Williamstown North PS

Willmot PS

Woodleigh School - Penbank Campus 

Wodonga South PS 

Yahl PS 

Yarram PS 

Member schools in WA


Arbor Grove Primary School

Avonvale ESC

Banksia Grove PS 


Beaumaris PS    

Butler PS (PL school)

Carine PS 

Cascade PS

Caversham PS 

Condingup PS

Connolly PS (PL school)

Dampier PS

Derby District High School

East Hamersley PS

Falls Road PS 

Geographe PS 

Golden Bay PS 

Halls Head College ESC

Hillman PS 

Jigalong Remote Community School

Kalgoorlie PS

Kalgoorlie School of the Air 

Koorana Education Support Centre

Kyilla Primary School

Jolimont Primary School

Lake Grace District High School 

Leeming SHS Education Support Centre

Little Grove PS 

Madeley PS

Manjimup Education Support Centre

Marble Bar PS

Marri Grove PS


Matthew Gibney Catholic PS 

Medina PS

Menzies Community School 


Merriwa Education Support Centre 

Millars Well PS

Muludja Remote Community School

Newman PS


North East Metropolitan Districts Language Development Centre 

North Kalgoorlie PS

Northam Primary School 

O'Connor PS

Pannawonica PS (PL school)

Paraburdoo PS

Parkwood PS 

Pia Wadjarri RCS

Scaddan PS 

Scarborough PS 

South Kalgoorlie PS

St Joseph's School, Southern Cross 

St Mary's PS Merredin 

Strelley Remote Community School 

Success PS

Swanbourne PS 

Three Springs PS 

Tjuntjuntjara RCS

Toodyay District High School

Useless Loop PS 

Wandering PS 

Warralong Remote Community School 

West Busselton PS 

West Coast Language Development Centre 

West Northam PS 

Westminster Education Support Centre

Wickham PS

Wiluna Remote Community School


Wydnham District High School  

Yandeyarra Remote Community School

Yulga Jinna Remote Community School

Member schools in the Northern Territory 

Alice Springs School of the Air


Bradshaw PS 

Dundee Beach School 

Gray School (Numeracy Library Pack) 

Larapinta PS 

Parap PS 

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr Catholic College

Tipperary Station School

Umbakumba School 


Schools that use our Maths Toolboxes across all classrooms 

​​Berendale School


Connells Point PS

Connolly PS 

Corrindi PS 


Crib Point PS 

Eastern Hills Senior High School 

Grahamstown PS 

Little Grove PS 

Lower Plenty PS 

Lyndale Greens PS 

Kananook PS 

Kellyville Ridge Public School

Mill Park PS 

Mitta Mitta PS

Nollamara PS 

Pannawonica PS 

Paraburdoo PS 

Penshurst PS

Scarborough PS 

Tamworth South PS 

Thomastown East PS

Toolern Vale and District PS

Yulga Jinna Remote Community School 

Schools with our Numeracy Picture Book Library Pack

Albion PS 

Ashtonfield PS 

Benalla P-12 College 

Benton Junior College

Berendale School

Berwick PS 

Beverley Hills PS 

Brunswick South PS 

Burwood Heights PS 

​​Caledonian PS

Cambridge Park PS

Carisbrook PS 

Carlton PS 

Chalcot Lodge PS

Chidlow PS 

Clayton South PS

Cobden PS 

Courtenay Gardens PS

Craigieburn South PS 

Croydon Hills PS 

Dalton PS

Dandenong PS 

Darlington Point PS

​​Deebing Heights State School

Donburn PS 

Drouin South PS 

East Bentleigh PS 

East Victoria Park PS

​Eastwood PS

Eltham Primary School

Epping Views PS

Exeter PS (Tasmania) 

Fawkner PS 

Flagstone State School

Frankston Heights PS 

Geelong East PS 

Glenroy Central PS

Golden Bay PS

Goulburn PS 

​Greenbank State School​

Glenrowan PS 

Griffith East PS

Grovedale PS 

Hallett Cove East PS

Hallett Cove R-12 School 

Hampton PS 

Hawkesdale P12 College

Hawthorn West PS

Hazel Glen College

Highvale PS 

Horsham PS 

Horsham West and Haven PS

Invergordon PS

Inverloch PS 

Jerrys Plains PS 

Kalgoorlie School of the Air 

Kerrimuir PS

Keiraville Public School

​​Kyabram P-12 College

Lake Cargelligo Central School

Lang Lang PS 

Langwarrin Park PS 

Leitchville PS 

Lethbridge Park PS

Logan Reserve State School

Lysterfield PS

Mandama P​S​

Manifold Heights PS 

Manorvale PS 

Mentone PS

Mercy College Koondoola 

Middle Park PS

Millars Well PS

Mitcham PS 

Morayfield State School

Mt Evelyn PS


Murrumbeena PS

Nabiac PS 

Nambour Special School

Nangwarry PS

Newcomb Park PS

Noble Park PS 

Oakleigh PS

Our Lady Help of Christians PS Warrnambool

Pakenham Hills PS

Parkes Public School

Peak Hill Central School

Pembroke PS

Reidy Park PS 

River Gum PS 

Riverton Education Support Centre

Riverwalk PS 

Roxburgh Rise PS

Rye Park PS 

Seaholme PS 

Secret Harbour PS 


Shepparton English Language Centre


​Smithfield PS         

South Geelong PS

Spring Farm PS 

​Springvale Rise PS


We want every Australian student to love maths by using materials to both make sense of it and genuinely enjoy the sequential journey of learning it. We want to hear cheers at the start of maths sessions. We want to see materials (not worksheets and not click-technologies) in every primary classroom engaged in mathematics. We want to hear students reasoning with each other and thinking out loud (not silence) and see students recording their mathematical findings while using materials (rather than memorising rote-based rules). Ultimately, we aim to grow a generation of children who, as adults, will still love maths. 


To achieve this, Top Ten was founded and is still owned entirely by Australian numeracy coaches and experienced primary teachers to support fellow teachers with the huge task of day-by-day planning for excellent maths lessons. We created, then tried and tested sequential hands-on units in Australian classrooms for ten years. Our units include photographs of classrooms in action during materials-based lessons, daily modelling by numeracy coaches and maths leaders, and student work samples for each open-ended task. Our aim is to ensure that primary teachers have enough time and energy to deliver engaging and high-impact maths lessons that target their students' points-of-need. To do this, we remove a significant portion of the burden of planning from scratch and the time-consuming search for engaging lessons that genuinely work in real classrooms. We grow each teacher's confidence and repertoire by making numeracy coaches' classroom modelling and coaching accessible to every teacher every day. This is achieved through illustrative photographs of lessons in action, student work samples and the ongoing practical professional learning provided through each unit plan. 


Our goal is for every Australian student to fall in love with maths and become numerate, and to assist (in whichever way a team prefers to use our planning units and resources) every primary teacher to achieve this. 

In total, there are 900 hands-on open-ended tasks, all organised into developmentally-sequenced units; over 500 materials-based lessons for the early years and 400 real-life lessons for years 3-6. To maximise your time, every lesson includes:

  • photographs of classroom modelling and student work samples

  • warm-up games and an engaging hook or tune-in element 

  • a specific learning intention and lesson-specific maths vocabulary highlighted at the start of each lesson 

  • success criteria within the formative assessment cross-checks linked to each unit 

  • questioning and feedback tips, as well as misconception alerts 

  • pre-planned enabling and extending prompts for ongoing in-class intervention and extension within every open-ended session. 

Please feel free to download the complimentary sample packs on the early years and numeracy library pages to share and try the lessons with your teams.