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Multiplicative Thinking Workshop


Box Hill Golf Club
202 Station Street,

Box Hill South, Victoria 3128


Monday 29th July 2024

9am to 3:30pm



$299 ex.GST per participant


How to book:

To pay by card and receive instant confirmation, please click 'click here to register' at the top of the page and follow the processing instructions. If your campus cannot pay by card, please email with the completed 'Booking Form' to receive an invoice. 

Description of the day:

Join our multiplicative thinking workshop for a full-day immersion in whole-school and

classroom-based strategies to progress students forward from additive thinking.

A full-day intensive workshop with a Top Ten numeracy coach, including a scrumptious catered

morning tea and lunch. BYO notepad and pen – we will organise the rest!


Included in this training, focusing on multiplicative thinking within the new Victorian

Curriculum Version 2.0:

• A workable and achievable whole-school approach to times tables/multiplication facts

• A year-by-year multiplicative sequence of learning by level and developmental stage

• Assessment options, both diagnostic and formative

• Supportive and efficient strategies for sequencing division

• How to begin the connection to fractions.


Led by experienced Top Ten numeracy coach, Ms Anna Kapnoullas, teachers will be taken on a

journey of our most high-impact multiplicative thinking tasks and ongoing classroom routines.

The full-day workshop equips maths specialists, leaders and classroom teachers with the skills to support students to develop:

• a deep conceptual understanding of multiplication and division

• a powerful concrete and visual understanding of how and why to partition arrays

• the critical real-life and self-checking skill of estimating reasonably before solving, and

• skills for solving challenging and large real-life multiplicative scenarios, with examples

provided, including how to explicitly model a variety of efficient methods that students

consistently prefer.

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