Created by Australian primary school teachers and numeracy coaches

Our Years 3-6 Package is currently being updated in classrooms 

Our Years 3-6 Pack is in its final year of update, having recently had three years of additional development time in classrooms.
2021 is the final year of the update, so we have temporarily placed a hold on new school purchases of this pack until the start of 2022.
We highly recommend that schools start with our Comprehensive Early Years Package, which is our best planning package by far and has recently undergone three years of additional development time in classrooms. We always recommend implementing this set of planning support units and diagnostic, growth-mindset assessment options across early years teams first, before using the Years 3-6 Planning Package, which follows on from this critical work in the early years of numeracy.  

Top Ten Member Schools that have access to our New Comprehensive Early Years Package will be notified by email as soon as the Years 3-6 Package is ready, which is anticipated to be the beginning of 2022. Member schools with the 

New Early Years Package will be offered the first opportunity

to purchase the New Years 3-6 Package when it is released.  

Packages to support your teams

Planning Support Resources


Selectively-chosen numeracy picture book titles with over 150 linked lessons that are in addition to those in the early years and years 3-6 planning packs. 

All titles are organised by year level and arrive packed into concepts (place value; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; fractions; measurement and geometry; statistics and probability). 



Developmentally-sequenced, user-friendly

unit plans with detailed hands-on lessons for every critical skill throughout the early years. Diagnostic and formative assessments highlight points-of-need.

Lessons include enabling and extending prompts, engaging hooks, warm-ups, photographs of numeracy coaches modelling and student work samples.


Organised set of the most important hands-on maths materials. All packed into class sets in toolboxes, with distribution containers to make hands-on maths easier for teachers, students and maths leaders.


“Our consistency from class to class regarding concepts, Maths vocabulary, teaching methods and, lesson content and structure has resulted in revolutionary progress. It has led to astoundingly improved student engagement and comprehensive progress in student outcomes. The pre and post testing component is invaluable, in that it continually directs teaching towards targeting specific goals that are achievable for all students. Goals are in line with each student’s position on a prescribed developmental sequence. Every student at our school is experiencing success with Maths every day. This program has revolutionised the way in which our students feel about Maths. All lessons are based on the usage of materials, and students are now forever proclaiming that Maths is enjoyable. All lessons utilise peer teaching and practice, and zero in on understanding the language of Maths which is crucial for students to attain real, deep and rich understandings of the concepts being taught.”

—  Ms Rebecca Szeremeta, Numeracy Leader, Thomastown East PS