50 early years units with 500 brand new lessons and the highest recorded student gains at hands-on maths schools

The Early Years Pack in action at our primary schools

Sample Pack for Teams  and Leaders
9 of the 500 sequential hands-on lessons 
Contents of the Pack
Pedagogy of the Units

Helping students learn and love maths from the very first day of school up to year 3 with sequential hands-on units for every critical skill throughout the early years. Pack inclusions: 

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“Top Ten has reinvigorated and improved maths teaching and learning at Yeo Park within a few short terms. Teachers find the differentiation included in each lesson and within assessment has allowed them to cater to individuals successfully. We love the maths library and lessons! The best part for us, as a school who teaches using inquiry methodology is that Top Ten is centered around student inquiry, problem solving, hands on, engaging lessons that the teacher will enjoy delivering.”

—  Ms Fiona Wood, Principal, Yeo Park School K-2 (Sydney)

Years 3-6 Pack

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Growing Mathematicians

Created by Australian teachers

 with Australian students 

The only classroom-based, developmentally-sequenced, hands-on mathematics resource that provides day-by-day planning support for seven years of learning.