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Virtual Tour of our Brand New
Early Years Classroom Toolbox

Virtual Tour of our Brand New
Years 3-6 Classroom Toolbox

Virtual Tour of Custom-made, First-of-their-kind Centimetre Metre Decimal Conversion Measuring Tapes
Developed and patented by Top Ten Mathematics

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The story behind our maths toolboxes

Almost every maths leader we speak to is exasperated by the need to constantly repurchase class sets of resources that were supplied less than two or three years earlier. As maths leaders, we would sit for hours counting dice, distributing jars of resources to each classroom, building maths trolleys, but nothing worked long-term to keep each classroom well-resourced. We tried everything and, eventually, found that toolboxes were the long-term solution. 

Our toolboxes were created by Australian maths leaders, who chose and tried the most durable materials we could find for daily hands-on mathematics for the early years and years 3-6. All materials are packed for you in class sets, within easy-to-maintain and distribute toolboxes to ensure you can maximise both your budget and your time. The quick distribution containers also make organisation and set-up/pack-up easier for teachers, encouraging more use of materials for maths. Containers can be moved around the room to avoid traffic jams and resources are easy to see and keep neat, mostly because students love the toolbox and volunteer to help maintain it too. 

The toolboxes include custom-made resources that have been invented by Top Ten Mathematics. This includes 3-dot dice for early subitising and more suspenseful maths games that lead to more recording after each roll. The newest addition are custom-made centimetre-metre decimal conversion measuring tapes (centimetres on one side, then flip the tape vertically to see the metre conversion). These are often used for races to 1 whole as a number line game, as well as regular measurement lessons in years 3-6. 

The organised toolboxes with consistent contents make retaining resources and maximising the use of numeracy budgets from year-to-year a considerably easier process. In term four, maths leaders can simply collect, top up and swap toolboxes as teachers move year levels. This avoids resources becoming lost as teachers change classrooms each year. The nature of the toolbox and its containers, with space for each material, reduces loss and makes it easier for teachers to use, maintain and then return the toolbox at the end of each year. Maths leaders can add a few elements into toolboxes all at once in the staffroom, such as a new material for each year level, rather than constantly starting from scratch. Purchase additional toolboxes for extra classrooms at any time.​

Class set of silent grip mats and 12 decks of jumbo playing cards also included


Toolbox Inclusions

Contents of the Early Years Toolbox
  • 1 lightweight durable toolbox with 15 partner distribution containers 
  • 24 medium-sized no-noise foam dice
  • 30 custom-made 3-dot dice: ideal for the early years as these are dice with only 1, 2 or 3 dots on each face, creating more opportunities for student recording and longer engagement for maths buddy games, and supporting subitising for intervention students.
  • 100 Pokemon counters for use as students' characters during division investigations, addition and subtraction worded problems, race to 120 games on charts and number lines, and similar games 
  • 30 one-to-one counting/skip-counting sticks 
  • 12 decks of premium jumbo number/playing cards for partner games 
  • 30 colourful 6-sided dice 
  • 30 colourful 10-sided dice 
  • 15 grip mats for organised and silent use of materials throughout lessons 
All for $299 ex. GST, free postage anywhere in Australia. For teachers purchasing for themselves, 
the entire cost is tax deductable.
Contents of the Years 3 to 6 Toolbox
(also used by secondary schools for intervention)
  • 1 lightweight durable toolbox with 15 partner distribution containers 
  • 15 centimetre/metre decimal conversion measuring tapes custom-made by Top Ten Mathematics and a world-first patented resource. 
  • 200 Pokemon counters for higher student engagement during hands-on maths games, often used for fraction and division hands-on lessons, as well as integer and other number line and decimal chart games 
  • 12 decks of premium jumbo playing cards for hands-on warm-ups and games 
  • 30 custom-made 3-dot dice for more suspenseful games and more recording after each turn, particularly to represent tenths or hundreds in race games to avoid one partner taking an insurmountable lead by rolling 6
  • 30 durable 6-sided dice 
  • 30 durable 10-sided dice 
  • 15 grip mats for organised and silent use of materials throughout lessons
All for $299 ex. GST, free postage anywhere in Australia. For teachers purchasing for themselves, the entire cost is tax deductable. 

Gallery of the materials

Order Online by School Invoice/Purchase Order, or by Visa/Mastercard/PayPal 

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