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Created by Australian primary school teachers and maths leaders

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Sample Packs for Teams

Sample Pack for Teams 
Pack Overview

Contents of the Years 3-6 Real-Life Maths Pack

Hands-on mathematics package created by Australian maths leaders for over ten years. 400 open-ended lessons and warm-ups for years 3-6 in sequential units. Rich assessments that require students to reason, use efficient strategies and show working out (not just provide answers). The linked spreadsheets quickly highlight student and cohort developmental gaps and next points-of-need, providing a pathway for teachers to act on this data.


Packages to support your teams

  • 10 Years 3-6 Unit Plans with rich, real-life numeracy sessions. The package includes over 400 developmentally-sequenced lessons and warm-ups. These unit plans assist teams throughout the entire year of teaching, building four sequential years of learning.

  • Classroom modelling and lesson-in-action photographs that provide your team with an in-depth insight into how to deliver each session with success. Detailed student work samples provide worked examples of what excellent mathematical recording looks like for each key developmental step, with students using materials and recording their working out throughout every task. 

  • All lessons include engaging hooks; photographs of classroom modelling using materials; scaffolded enabling and challenging extending prompts for daily in-class intervention and extension.

  • Over 100 warm-ups, all integrated into each unit, with a focus on flexible mental strategies and building fluency only after understanding and reasoning have been consolidated. 

  • Sequenced years 3-6 diagnostic and growth-based assessments that require students to show their mathematical strategies, with efficient Microsoft Excel data spreadsheets for teachers. Our formula-driven spreadsheets pinpoint both whole cohort and individual students' points-of-need for each mathematical concept, including any developmental gaps from the early years that will prove to be obstacles to achieving later developmental steps. 

  • Professional readings summaries, misconception alerts, questioning, feedback and teaching tips throughout all units.

  • Scope and sequence with easy-to-follow unit timings, mathematical vocabulary anchor charts, unit launches and more inclusions to support each year 3-6 team's comprehensive year (and all years going forward) of hands-on, real-life mathematics.

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Early Years Pack

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“All of the staff and students at Mill Park Primary are really enjoying the Top Ten activities and lesson structure. We were looking for something to make our Maths teaching more engaging and real for our students and we found something really great in Top Ten. The activities are fun and interesting for the students but also explicitly target needed skills. I’ve especially loved watching students at all levels building a deep, conceptual understanding of key Maths ideas which they can easily transfer to subsequent activities. Best of all, the students are excited when they see Maths on the timetable!”

—  Mr Steven Edwards, Numeracy Leading Teacher, Mill Park Primary School

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