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Comprehensive units with rich hands-on lessons for each developmental step throughout the early years. Created by Australian primary teachers and maths leaders in classrooms.

To accommodate budgets of all sizes, our packs are available for individual purchase or as a complete set, with the option to split payment over multiple years. Unlike many other resources, our packages are an outright whole-campus purchase (not a subscription cost that expires each year). This ensures that teams can explore and implement the resources at their own pace, with continual use without yearly costs. Small school discounts are also available - please see below. 

Contents of each pack:
Comprehensive Early Years Mathematics Package (Complete Set - All 5 packs)

The entire Early Years Mathematics Package is available for $2490 (ex. GST) for ongoing use. This equates to a $1500 discount for purchasing the entire package as a set, as it was designed, forming a powerful sequence of three years of numeracy for the early years. The package provides unlimited use on an ongoing basis to support all early years teams at your campus forever (no subscriptions ever). 


Split the purchase over two or three budget years at no additional cost

Choose the 'split payment' option to pay for the outright purchase over two or three budget years at no additional cost. $1245 for two years, or $830 over three years, receiving ongoing access to all resources from this term onwards. 

Very small school 50% or small school 25% discount - small campus, big growth:

Schools with less than 50 students receive an automatic 50% discount on all Early Years and Years 3-6 pack orders. Schools with more than 50 students but less than 125 students receive an automatic 25% discount. The cap of 50 and 125 students is strictly applied, as a few of our member schools have 4 and 7 students in total, and many of our small campuses have between 20-30 students across the entire school in multi-age settings. This makes the entire Early Years Package available as an outright purchase for ongoing and unlimited use across your very small school campus for $1245 (ex. GST), or $622.50 when split over two budget years, or $415 over three years. For small schools (over 50 but less than 125 students) it is $1865, or $935 when split over two years.

Larger campuses

For campuses with over 600 students in the primary year levels, the price is an additional 25% ($3115) to reflect the higher student numbers for this whole-school ongoing access resource. For schools with over 1000 students in the primary year levels, the price is an additional 50% ($3750) for ongoing access. 

Pack inclusions: 

  • 50 Early Years Mathematics Units from the start of school up to early year 3 content, including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, money and patterning. 

  • All lessons include engaging hooks, learning intentions, explicit teacher modelling with materials, scaffolded support (enabling prompts) and challenging extension (extending prompts), as well as instructive colour photographs of student work samples and lessons in action in Australian classrooms.​

  • Supports teams to transition from or continue to avoid worksheet-based maths for rich, hands-on lessons that build deep understanding, flexible strategies and a love of maths for students. 

  • Developmentally-sequenced diagnostic and growth-based assessments aligned to each unit's developmental steps. The assessments are efficient, early-years-friendly and easy-to-use, removing literacy barriers from maths assessment. 

  • Formative assessment throughout all units and cross-checks with multi-levelled success criteria and sequential learning goals. 

  • Over 100 strategy-building warm-up games, all built into each unit.

  • Easy-to-use scope and sequence with recommended unit timings for each year level.

  • Learning intentions and maths vocabulary for every session, with direct links to the curriculum and specific content descriptors.

  • Ongoing practical professional learning through readings summaries, classroom modelling throughout all units, misconception alerts, questioning and feedback teaching tips, and thirty years of combined development in early years classrooms.

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$799 (ex. GST) per pack for your entire campus as an outright purchase.
All 5 packs for $2490 (ex. GST). This equates to a $1500 discount for purchasing the 5 packs as a bundle. 
Split the purchase over multiple budget years: $1245 split over two budget years or $830 over three years. 


Pack A 

The First Year


of Mathematics


Pack B

Place Value 

for Year 1, 

Year 2 and the



start of Year 3


Pack C 

Addition for

the early years




Pack D 



and Money 

for the early



Pack E 



Division and


Years 3-6 Pack

Numeracy Library

Maths Toolboxes

School reviews

More Planning Support Resources




Selectively-chosen numeracy picture book titles with over 150 linked lessons that are in addition to those in the early years and years 3-6 planning packs. 

All titles are organised by year level and arrive packed into concepts (place value; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; fractions; measurement and geometry; statistics and probability). 

Easy-to-implement hands-on mathematics package created by Australian maths leaders for over ten years. 400 low-floor high-ceiling lessons and warm-ups for years 3-6 in sequential units. Lessons start with hooks to link content to students' lives and include both extension and support variations.

Organised set of the most important hands-on maths materials. All packed into class sets in toolboxes, with distribution containers to make hands-on maths easier for teachers, students and maths leaders.

Growing Mathematicians

Created by Australian teachers

 with Australian students 

The only classroom-based, developmentally-sequenced, hands-on mathematics resource that provides day-by-day planning support for seven years of learning.