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Top Ten Mathematics

Do you have any questions about our packages?

Please feel free to use the form on this page to request an email or call from one of our Top Ten numeracy coaches, at a time that suits you, including before or after teaching hours.

How would you like us to contact you?

What format do the resources arrive in? 

  • For the hands-on maths planning packs, the resources arrive on USB. The USB is easy to share across your campus - we recommend that each teacher at your campus has easy access to the resources at all times by downloading the complete contents to their desktop, which maximises the functionality of all the hyperlinks and navigation links. The USB can also be shared through a drive accessible to only your campus, such as One Drive, Google Docs, or on your internal server. 

  • For the numeracy library with linked lessons, the physical hard-copy books arrive alongside a USB with the lessons.

  • For the toolboxes, the resources arrive pre-organised into each toolbox, ready to deliver to each classroom. 

  • All resources include free postage to your campus or preferred address. 

Can teachers purchase themselves as an individual subscription? 

Since our resources are provided with ongoing whole-school access on a USB, not individual logins or subscriptions, we unfortunately cannot provide any discount for individual teachers wishing to purchase these packs. Individual teachers wishing to access this package have two options - purchasing the packs through the school numeracy budget, year level or classroom budgets, or can purchase the packs themselves (which does occur from time to time) and receive the tax credit. We prefer not to have hard-working teachers purchase our packs from their own funds - we want our resources to benefit teachers and students school-wide wherever possible, and we also prefer that teachers are supported through their school's numeracy budget based on student funding that is prioritised for literacy and numeracy. Please feel free to pass on the feedback we receive from schools using our packs (feedback page), our student growth results, and for your numeracy team to trial our sample packs and units in classrooms.

Is there a further discount for very small schools? 

Our small school automatic discounts for our planning packs, including over 50% for schools with less than 50 students, and substantial discounts for campuses with less than 100, 150 and 200 students, are strictly applied for that number of students in the primary area (up to Year 6). Pricing information for the Early Years Package and Years 3-6 Pack is detailed at the top of the order form pages. Numbers are based on the reported census enrolment figures of the previous year. We have many very small campuses using our packs, including remote community schools that have 13 students across their entire campus, and for consistency and fairness we therefore cannot extend any small school discounts to any campus that is above the specified number of total enrolled students. The pack prices reflect the significant development time in classrooms by Australian numeracy coaches and teachers. 


Please get in touch with us for more information or to ask questions about the packs.

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