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Hands-on Professional Learning Workshops 
delivered by Top Ten Numeracy Coaches

An overview of our professional learning workshops

Full-day workshops: Our co-founders run whole-school, hands-on mathematics curriculum days as intensive workshops. Our workshops are very practical, hands-on and developmentally-sequenced, highlighting the pedagogy behind the units, while also showing teachers examples that can be used in the classroom the very next day. We deliver professional learning in a classroom-based manner. Teachers transform into the students for the day and actively participate in each challenging task, while being taken on a journey along a developmental sequence of a critical concept. 

Planning workshops: Teams bring diagnostic assessment data (based on the Top Ten assessments included in our planning package - we do not work with less rigorous, 'click-the-bubble' data as it is not strategy-based). Teams plan intensively with one of our numeracy coaches for the next two to three weeks of teaching, seeing how to target gaps, next points-of-need/ZPD, as well as plan enabling and extending prompts, misconception alerts, ongoing warm-ups for more challenging long-term skills, as well as engaging hooks.

Teams consistently provide exceptional feedback on the productivity and impact of these planning workshops, and every school that has hired us for one planning workshop has invited our coach back for at least one more in the same year.


We recommend having at least one curriculum day and two terms of implementing the assessments and units prior to enquiring about one of our intensive planning workshops, as teams will then gain more from this experience. 

Curriculum days available: We have four days available, all of which have been trialled and
refined based on over ten years of delivering these to our member schools across Australia:  

  • Intensive full-day focus - Place Value developmental sequence 

  • Intensive full-day focus - Additive thinking (Addition and Subtraction developmental sequence)

  • Intensive full-day focus - Multiplicative thinking (Multiplication and Division developmental sequence) 

  • Intensive full-day focus - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages developmental sequence 

During the first workshop at most of our member schools, we generally focus on our place value sequence (however, this can be altered to another focus if you prefer), progressing through each critical skill from the early years up to year 6. We can also focus on the early years exclusively if preferred, or years 3-6, based on school goals; however, generally, we recommend whole-staff participation (including learning support officers) as we brainstorm enabling/extending prompts throughout all sessions. This involves modelling and teams participating in our highest impact hands-on lessons for that concept. In the process, we explain and demonstrate strategies for modelling with materials, questioning and feedback tips, common misconceptions, as well as brainstorming enabling and extending prompts and strategies for ongoing extension and support within very mixed ability classrooms. The navigation of the planning packages, assessment options and links to the units are consistently highlighted throughout the day as well.






















































Included in the above photo gallery - Professional Learning Workshop delivered at the request of the Department of Education School Improvement Regional Team; whole-school and team-based PL workshops delivered in tropical north QLD, remote communities in WA, the NT and SA; inner Sydney and Perth; south eastern and northern Melbourne; as well as regional Victoria and NSW; in addition to many specialist education settings across Australia. Also features Maths Association of NSW 2022 Annual Conference. 

Engaging, hands-on workshops: As demonstrated by the feedback above, our workshops are very dynamic, fast-paced, interactive and engaging for teachers, rather than lecture-style presentations. Teachers ask lots of questions and are shown practical tips to gain the most from the units and assessments to assist with the daily elements of hands-on maths planning based on students’ points-of-need. We can also adapt the workshop for your school’s numeracy goals.


Participant numbers: For smaller schools, we regularly deliver these workshops for 2-8 teachers, with schools often arranging for other small schools in the region to attend as a cluster (provided each school is a member of the Top Ten planning packs and has been part of the quote for the PL). For large schools, we can manage up to 150 participants at once (as a whole-school curriculum day), although some leaders prefer to release their teams over three days to work with us more intensively on each year level/stage's content in smaller groups. The smaller groups (early years, years 3-4, years 5-6) work extremely well for large campuses and our presenters believe these workshops are amongst our very best, as teachers are provided with a huge amount of practical support to trial in the classroom over the next term of learning.  

Request a quote and check date availability

We are currently fully booked for all the most popular dates for 2025 (first days of term and similar). 

All our workshops are delivered by one of our co-founders who contributed to developing the packs for years in their own classrooms and as maths leaders of their schools.

Please fill in the form below to receive a quote for a whole-school curriculum day.



Feedback from PL schools

“I can't thank you enough for the professional learning you provided our teachers on Friday. You demonstrated so clearly the power of storytelling in Maths and the value of making connections to real life experiences. You showed us how an understanding of place value is at the core of teaching and learning, the importance of consistent anchor language, what feedback can look like, and that differentiation doesn't have to be arduous. Our school has recently begun a journey on the Science of Learning path. All the elements of your presentation linked perfectly to this: explicit instruction, oral language, and multi-sensory learning. Almost immediately on Friday afternoon, I had several emails from teachers expressing how much they enjoyed the day. That says it all.” 

—  Ms Jane McLauchlan, Numeracy Leader, Warrnambool PS (November 2021)

Professional Learning Workshops
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Hands-on Numeracy
Planning Support Resources




Selectively-chosen numeracy picture book titles with over 150 linked lessons that are in addition to those in the early years and years 3-6 planning packs. 

All titles are organised by year level and arrive packed into concepts (place value; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; fractions; measurement and geometry; statistics and probability). 




Developmentally-sequenced, user-friendly 

unit plans with detailed hands-on lessons for every critical skill throughout the early years. Diagnostic and formative assessments pinpoint points-of-need. 

Lessons include enabling and extending prompts, engaging hooks, warm-ups, photographs of numeracy coaches modelling and student work samples.




Organised set of the most important hands-on maths materials. All packed into class sets in toolboxes, with distribution containers to make hands-on maths easier for teachers, students and maths leaders.
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