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Years 3 - 6 Toolbox

Contents of the Years 3 to 6 Toolbox (also used by secondary schools for intervention):

  • 1 lightweight durable toolbox with 15 partner distribution containers 

  • 15 centimetre/metre decimal conversion measuring tapes custom-made by Top Ten Mathematics and a world-first patented resource. 

  • 200 Pokemon counters for higher student engagement during hands-on maths games, often used for fraction and division hands-on lessons, as well as integer and other number line and decimal chart games 

  • 12 decks of premium jumbo playing cards for hands-on warm-ups and games 

  • 30 custom-made 3-dot dice for more suspenseful games and more recording after each turn, particularly to represent tenths or hundreds in race games to avoid one partner taking an insurmountable lead by rolling 6

  • 30 durable 6-sided dice 

  • 30 durable 10-sided dice 

  • 15 grip mats for organised and silent use of materials throughout lessons

All for $334.82 ($328.90 inc. GST +1.8% card fee ($5.92) if paying by Visa/Mastercard) including postage anywhere in Australia and including GST.

Years 3 - 6 Toolbox

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