Automatic discounts for small schools

Our packs are designed to maximise small budgets for teachers with big passion. 

The planning resources, numeracy libraries and toolboxes are ideal for small schools because primary teachers developed, then tried and tested our lessons and assessments in classrooms with large ability ranges, including multi-age settings and very mixed cohorts. Our whole-school assessments identify the points-of-need for every student across all developmental steps in the primary curriculum, up to and slightly beyond the end of grade six. This means that a single teacher can use our full repertoire of lessons to maximise their ability to cater for all levels, using the extension and support variations detailed within each lesson plan. 


We also understand the challenges of working in a small-school setting, including the desire to collaborate with other teachers despite the fact that you may not be working within close physical proximity to many other educators. Our resources were created to ensure that all teachers benefit from other teachers' great lessons and ideas.

Accordingly, our Early Years Pack and Years 3-6 Pack is offered at a 50% discount that is automatically applied to very small schools with 49 or less students. Alternatively, there is a 25% discount that applies to small schools with 50-125 students in the primary year levels. Numbers are based on reported census figures from the previous year. The cap of 49 and 125 students is strictly applied, as a few of our member schools have 4 and 7 students in total, and many of our small campuses have between 20-30 students across the entire school in multi-age settings. In addition to the 50% or 25% discount, small schools can split the discounted outright purchase over two or three budget years, making the packs affordable for any school that has at least $500 allocated to their numeracy budget. 

While our numeracy libraries and maths toolboxes cannot be discounted because they are physical resources with set prices and costs, these resources are often custom-built with flexible payment options for small schools. For example, some small schools request the numeracy library with split payment over multiple budget years, or build their own maths toolboxes with specific quantities that best suit their student numbers.


“The program is excellent and very relevant and accessible to our students. Frankly they have never enjoyed maths more.

—  Ms Anne Shipway, Principal,

Yulga Jinna Remote Community School 

(Less than 20 students, all Indigenous) 




Growing Mathematicians

Created by Australian teachers

 with Australian students 

The only classroom-based, developmentally-sequenced, hands-on mathematics resource that provides day-by-day planning support for seven years of learning.