Years 3-6 Real-Life Maths 

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Created by Australian primary school teachers and maths leaders

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Easy-to-implement, hands-on mathematics program created by Australian maths leaders. 400 sequential lessons, warm-ups, enabling and extending prompts for in-class intervention and extension, as well as point-of-need diagnostic and growth assessments.

Our pack is an outright whole-campus purchase, not a year-by-year subscription. This ensures that teams can explore and implement the resources at their own pace, with ongoing access and

no yearly subscription costs. 

The comprehensive years 3-6 pack is ​$995 (ex. GST) as an outright purchase for all teachers and students per campus with no ongoing costs for continued access to all resources.


Split the purchase over two years, receive everything now: Available to all schools for $498 for two budget years, with all resources sent by express post immediately to start supporting teams this term, and no extra cost for splitting the purchase over two years. 


Very small school 50% or small school 25% discount - small campus, big growth:

Schools with less than 50 students receive an automatic 50% discount on all Early Years and Years 3-6 pack orders. Schools with more than 50 students but less than 125 students receive an automatic 25% discount. The cap of 50 and 125 students is strictly applied, as a few of our member schools have 4 and 7 students in total, and many of our small campuses have between 20-30 students across the entire school in multi-age settings. This makes the Years 3-6 pack available as an outright purchase for ongoing and unlimited use across your very small school campus for $497.50 (ex. GST), or $249 when split over two budget years. For small schools (more than 50 but less than 125 students) it is $745. 

Larger campuses: For campuses with over 600 students in the primary year levels, the price is an additional 25% ($1245) to reflect the higher student numbers for this whole-school ongoing access resource. For schools with over 1000 students in the primary year levels, the price is an additional 50% ($1495) for ongoing access. 


All packs include free delivery within 5 business days (please allow 10 business days to remote locations for AusPost express parcels).


  • 10 Years 3-6 Units with real-life, hands-on maths (over 400 sequential lessons and warm-ups).  

  • All lessons contain engaging hooks, classroom modelling using materials, scaffolded intervention and challenging extension planning for each session, as well as instructive colour photographs of work samples, modelling and lessons in action in Australian classrooms.

  • Supports teams to transition from or continue to avoid worksheet-based maths for rich, hands-on lessons that build genuine understanding, reasoning, problem-solving, fluency and student mastery of critical concepts.

  • Developmentally-sequenced diagnostic and growth-based assessments aligned to each unit's steps. The assessments require students to demonstrate a range of strategies (not just answers). These pinpoint any developmental gaps from the early years, key points-of-need at a cohort level, as well as students who will require extension (using the extending prompts for each session) and support (enabling prompts). 

  • Over 100 skill-building warm-up games built into each unit.

  • Professional readings summaries, misconception alerts, questioning, feedback and teaching tips throughout all units, providing directly relevant ongoing practical support for teachers.

  • Easy-to-use scope and sequence with recommended unit timings for each year level.

  • Mathematical vocabulary anchor charts.

  • Unlimited access (no subscriptions ever) to all the above resources, for continual use for all years 3-6 students and teachers (and to extend early years students) across your campus.

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Selectively-chosen numeracy picture book titles with over 150 linked lessons that are in addition to those in the early years and years 3-6 planning packs. 

All titles are organised by year level and arrive packed into concepts (place value; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; fractions; measurement and geometry; statistics and probability). 

Developmentally-sequenced units with new hands-on lessons for each critical skill throughout the early years. Diagnostic and formative assessments that pinpoint points-of-need. Lessons include enabling and extending prompts, engaging hooks, warm-ups, photographs of classroom modelling and student work samples. 

Organised set of the most important hands-on maths materials. All packed into class sets in toolboxes, with distribution containers to make hands-on maths easier for teachers, students and maths leaders.

Growing Mathematicians

Created by Australian teachers

 with Australian students 

The only classroom-based, developmentally-sequenced, hands-on mathematics resource that provides day-by-day planning support for seven years of learning.