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Early Years Toolbox

Contents of the Early Years Toolbox

  • 1 lightweight durable toolbox with 15 partner distribution containers 

  • 24 medium-sized no-noise foam dice

  • 30 custom-made 3-dot dice: ideal for the early years as these are dice with only 1, 2 or 3 dots on each face, creating more opportunities for student recording and longer engagement for maths buddy games, and supporting subitising for intervention students.

  • 12 decks of premium jumbo number/playing cards for partner games 

  • 30 colourful 6-sided dice 

  • 30 colourful 10-sided dice 

  • 100 Pokemon counters for use as students' characters during race to 120 and similar games 

  • 30 one-to-one counting/skip-counting sticks 

  • 15 grip mats for organised and silent use of materials throughout lessons 


All for $334.82 ($328.90 inc. GST +1.8% card fee ($5.92) if paying by Visa/Mastercard) including postage anywhere in Australia and including GST.

Early Years Toolbox

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